Ethically Sourced and Uniquely Handcrafted

We are a female owned and operated micro-business focused on delivering quality organics that are ethically and sustainably sourced from small businesses. Through our patented TLSeed™ process, we perfectly preserve the organic beauty of nature in a beautifully wearable design for you.  


About our Butterflies



One of Nature’s impressive designs. It's magnificent colors are actually light reflecting off its microscopic scales. The technicolor luminescence is a feast for the eyes!



Our butterflies are raised in aviaries throughout the world that provide the ideal habitat for protecting and breeding native species, with an emphasis on education. These aviaries are supported by dedicated lepidopterists, scientists of moths and butterflies. We are in the process of documenting all our species conservation status with an expert in the field to assure the utmost education in supporting this ethical and sustainable model.









Many of the butterflies raised in these aviaries are released into the wild. Those that complete their life cycle within the aviary become available for purchase and preservation, and proceeds fund the development of additional aviaries. Hillary Jackson jewelry is proud to support this effort and preserve the butterflies’ beauty within our elegant designs.


About our Botanicals


Flowers emulate the fascinating beauty of Nature’s symmetry. The sun encourages the petals to splay open in a radial or bilateral symmetry. This unveiling reveals the prominent female pistil surrounded by her pollen male suitors/ stamen. The distinguishing colors encourage pollinators to come and complete the pollination dance. Once pollinated, the flower’s bloom remains open to display its beauty for all. This fascinating display is seasonal with only a small window to enjoy.

Hillary Jackson jewelry captures the beauty and alluring features of Nature’s floral beauties. Paired with precious metal findings as well as high quality gemstones for a one-of-a-kind piece of Hillary Jackson jewelry. Colors have not been altered nor infused with colorants. Flowers are selected for their reminiscent beauty, seasonal appearance and positive associations. Botanicals are selected from my personal gardens to share their beauty.


Please treat with care, do not water, and remove before sleep. Earrings are UV protected but happiest when resting in a dark place, out of direct sunlight, to avoid any fading.



About our Gorgeous Gems

For centuries, gemstones have inspired and hold symbolic meanings aside from just being simply stunning. Some may have healing properties, encourage clarity, prosperity, balance, goodwill, passion, wisdom, truth or have a calming effect. We’ve selected high quality semi-precious and precious gemstones that are affordable and undeniably beautiful. Special cut and raw gemstones are paired with precious metals to best complement each other. Stalactites and geode druzy have been colored to enhance the mineralities of their core.


All ear posts are 14 karat gold filled or 2.5 micron gold vermeil European standard-- not ‘vermeil style’ which is only 1 micron gold. This means there’s 50x more gold versus standard gold plating. This investment verifies they are allergen free and unlikely to change color. All ear posts adhered to gemstones or stalactites are 14k gold filled unless gold vermeil plating is present. This delivers you the highest quality ear stud next to pure gold. May you feel that little extra special something while rocking your pair of gorgeous gems!