Our Studio Experience & Commissions


We can't wait to have you at the studio to design your perfect piece. You should get exactly what you really want. Every individual has their own taste and preferences. Special occasions may call for something extraordinary. Our pieces are designed and reflect the uniqueness of your input and experience.



Our most popular service offering is the exclusive 'studio experience' where you and your guests experience and customize your own gorgeous pieces. Studio experience fee is $500, $400 of which can be applied as a credit toward the pieces designed during your experience. Credit expires after the studio experience. Your experience can include food and beverages of your choice whether you prefer a high tea or simply a girls night (or morning) out.

Our 'studio visit' fee is $150, $100 of which will be credited towards your final pieces. Typically visits are an hour. You will be given an estimation of time to create the piece (if it is not completed during the visit) and billed upon receipt. As the custom designs are created solely for you, with your particular discretion, these pieces are non-refundable. Zoom sessions also available!

Please send us a message or email (hillary@hillaryjacksondesign.com) to begin planning! Feel free, as always, to reach out for specific combinations we may not have featured live on the site, as well as for diamond upgrades and clip on conversions.