Ethically sourced. The butterfly's magnificent wing colors are produced by light reflecting off microscopic scales and pigments. Our proprietary preservation process ensures Nature's perfectly imperfect designs last for years to come. Due to the nature of the true organics, there may be some natural color and size variation in the products available. Unless otherwise specified, wings may be forewings or hindwings. We will do our best to accommodate any requests.

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Gorgeous Gems

Clarity, color and shape of natural gemstones are meticulously selected to shine independent of anything else. Gemstones are paired with precious metals to best complement each other and help enhance the selected organic's beauty. Solar quartz crystal is agatized quartz, cut from stalctites from limestone caves, and are known to have healing and protective properties for harmony and spirit. Geode drusy comes in a variety of hues with natural colors augmented to best complement you.

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