FAQs About Butterfly Farms and Our Mission

We love when you want to know more about us! Check out some of our more frequently fielded questions regarding Hillary Jackson and our commitment to kindness.

What is the TLSeed Process?

Trees, Leaves & Seeds is our patent pending preservation process and does not harm any specimens. The TLSeed Process is focused on quality, durability, color preservation and protection, so the art best demonstrates the organic's natural beauty. All mediums used are non-toxic.

Do you breed the butterflies used in your designs?

No, we do not breed or harvest any butterflies. The already deceased butterfly specimens are purchased from lepidopterists, who are scientists of moths and butterflies, who obtain the proper licensing for fair trade and ethical sourcing from various international butterfly aviaries.


How can you be sure assured this is ethical?

We have done extensive research to ensure practices of kindness and only support certified suppliers. CRES (Costa Rica Entomology Supply) describes these supported practices, in a fascinating, yet intelligent business model that balances opportunity, sustainability, and protection for the breeders, the butterflies, and their natural habitat. 

We currently are working with a professor of Entomology creating and researching a study that provides conservation status of our select butterflies to further assure ethical practices. 

Do the butterflies at these certified aviaries live there forever?

Many of the butterflies raised in these aviaries are released into the wild. Those that complete their life cycle within the aviary become available for purchase and preservation, and proceeds fund the development of additional aviaries. Hillary Jackson jewelry is proud to support this effort and preserve the butterflies’ beauty within our elegant designs 

What is "butterfly farming"?

Butterfly farming has become pertinent to a sustainable rainforest economy. Local communities benefit financially from farming pupae, and nurturing their natural growth into beautiful butterflies. This has become a positive and economical alternative to unsustainable practices such as logging and charcoal production (which leads to rainforest deforestation and the breakdown of integral ecosystems--including those of several species of butterflies!) for many local families. 

Where is butterfly farming done?

We source our butterflies from sustainable farms of local communities in Costa Rica, Kenya, and El Salvador.

Is butterfly farming ethical?

Farming of butterflies empowers communities to preserve nature, generate income to rural communities, and allows an alternative for sustainable development. Many farms return 10-20% of the butterflies they breed back into the wild to promote conservation and population growth. Furthermore, the practice of butterfly farming protects and preserves the natural habitats of many species, including thousands of butterflies, thereby supporting their renewal and natural proliferation.

I've noticed various colors and sizes of Earwings, how many species butterflies are there?

There are over 17,000 butterfly species in the world! However, we don't feature each species. We are intentional and research the specimens available to assure sustainable practices and kindness in sourcing. Each pair of 'Earwings' discloses their proper Latin name as well as their home origin, 'Native to.'

From where do you source the gorgeous botanicals?

The botanicals are annual or perennials from our personal gardens! We are fortunate to have ideal conditions to produce an array of delightful botanicals in Georgia and Connecticut. 


Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

We do our best to ensure all of our materials are without allergens and all agents used in our TLSeed Process™ are non-toxic as well. To the best of our abilities and knowledge, all products are allergen free, as dermatologically verified. If you have specific questions regarding personal sensitivities, we are happy to chat with you!

Are you really all about kindness?

You bet! At Hillary Jackson Designs, we believe in positivity, kindness, and love. We do our best to lead with kindness in all circumstances and believe our business practices behind the scenes should reflect our values up front.

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