Bunny Ears


Hillary Jackson understands the importance of comfort and aesthetics when it comes to wearing larger pieces of jewelry. That's why we've introduced Bunny Ears™ patent pending, specially designed silicone backings to accompany our jewelry. These backings are created with your earlobes in mind, providing support and preventing the discomfort of heft and forward pulling of any earrings.

Not only do Bunny Ears™ offer support, but they are also hypoallergenic, ensuring that they are suitable for sensitive skin. 

With Bunny Ears™, you can enjoy wearing Hillary Jackson jewelry with confidence, knowing that your lobes are well-supported and that you can showcase the beauty of the pieces without any discomfort.

Please see our Gorgeous Gems collection to purchase a pair of Bunny Ears™.



Below you can see our Bunny Ears™ effortlessly at work: the top earring set is fortified with our Bunny Ears™ and the bottom set demonstrates conventional silicone backing.