Hillary Jackson Designs


I’m most grateful to be sharing with you Hillary Jackson Organic wearable art, each is an exclusively one of a kind, unique piece of jewelry. Hillary Jackson is all handcrafted, masterfully preserved and designed to best showcase and maintain the Organic’s gorgeous aesthetic.

Hillary Jackson represents my passion for Nature’s symmetry. Integrity and quality are cornerstones to our jewelry. All Organics are REAL specimens that have an origin and a history. The Organics are ethically and sustainably sourced from my gardens or butterfly aviaries. Butterfly aviaries help support small businesses that utilize native lands, maintain if not sustain the butterfly population, and help protect ecosystems vs deforestation. 

Most earrings come with a complimentary pair of Bunny Ears™ backings. All Organics are paired with semi-precious metals: primarily 14k gold filled or heavy gold vermeil (2.5 Microns gold plating) over sterling silver.  

Please respect the artistic protection of our jewelry of which all pictures and designs are not to be copied or misused. We have patents and copyright designs pending on our jewelry designs, preservation processes, as well as our handcrafted Bunny Ears™ earring backings.  

Sparkle on and thank you!